20 March 2024 Wednesday Webinars #1: Towards Net Zero - 20 March 2024

Wednesday Webinars #1: Towards Net Zero

On March 20th, 2024, the UNEP Sustainable UN Facility (SUN Team) reached a notable event by organizing its first Wednesday Webinar for the Greening the Blue Community. This engaging event centered on the topic of ISO Net Zero Guidelines, seeking to explore their significance and impacts on sustainability efforts.

Jacob Halcomb, Programme Officer of UNEP Sustainable UN facility (SUN) Team, introduced the esteemed speaker, Emily Faint, whose professional background and expertise were a testament to her authority on the topic. Emily, currently leading the Net Zero Policy team at the British Standards Institution (BSI) as a Senior Policy Manager, has played a key role in convening the ISO Net Zero Guidelines International Workshop Agreement (IWA 42) process, contributing to the development of the first international standards to define net zero.

Emily's presentation provided invaluable insights into the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, delving into various facets such as the global model for achieving net zero governance, convergence among diverse global standards for net zero target setting, and the projected working timeline. The interactive session featured engaging discussions and Q&A segments, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the guidelines. Participants from various UN entities actively engaged in the discussion as well, introducing themselves in the chat and fostering a sense of community participation.

Insights into ISO Net Zero Guidelines: Key Highlights

Key highlights included the clear definition of Net Zero and its comprehensive coverage across all stages of Net Zero actions. Emily emphasized the importance of aligning with the UN High-Level Expert Group report on Net Zero Emissions Commitment of Non-State Entities (2022) to ensure consistency and integrity in sustainability efforts. She explained that the guidelines stress the importance of organizations setting interim targets, addressing all greenhouse gases and scope 3 emissions, and integrating Net Zero commitments into internal governance documents.

Emily also emphasized the ‘fair share’ concept for fostering global cooperation and addressing climate justice concerns. The limitation of removal-based offsets aims to ensure market clarity, recognizing Net Zero as an ongoing commitment requiring sustained efforts. Insights into the guidelines' development process were also provided, highlighting the role of the Conveyor Belt Model in orchestrating concerted action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. The discussion underscored the significance of international standards like ISO Climate Commitment in scaling ambition across markets and sectors. In addition, Emily introduced two routes to participation in ISO Climate Change Management: international liaison and engagement through national committees.

In conclusion, the webinar served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and empowering participants with the tools and insights necessary to advance sustainability initiatives. As the journey towards Net Zero continues, the webinar highlighted the indispensable role of tools like the ISO Net Zero Guidelines in guiding and galvanizing action towards a sustainable future.

  • Click here for the full recording of the webinar.

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Stay tuned for more enriching discussions in our upcoming Wednesday Webinars, as we continue to explore and advance vital sustainability initiatives!

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