13 December 2021 UNISFA Staff Environmental Awareness

UNISFA (United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei) takes environmental awareness seriously. It is vital for us that every staff/ TCC member is aware of how environmental concerns are addressed and incorporated into all daily operations and decision-making processes. UNISFA addresses these issues by providing environmental awareness training, which is adapted to different audiences. It is a “working-presentation” which organically evolves with the Mission and its best practices and lessons learnt. 

We aim to present how environmental matters impact us as individuals, as a community, as a society and as an organization. We demonstrate our passion for the natural world by talking about subjects such as biomimicry and alerting about the reality of environmental degradation as a result of human and commercial forces.  

We share what UNISFA is doing and the direction it is working towards, motivating everyone to walk the path towards sustainability, making the connection between better environmental practices and the positive effects they have on everyone’s wellbeing. 

Due to Covid-19, the in-person training sessions have been adapted to involve the Environmental Focal Points and other relevant parties so that information can be shared with others in their team sites. 

UNISFA’s diversity provides a fantastic opportunity for sharing different experiences and enriching each other with different perspectives and value systems. However, this can also be challenging, as not everyone understands the extent to which individual action can positively and negatively impact the environment. At UNISFA, the most rewarding parts of the sessions include sharing experiences, knowledge and concerns, and creating a trusting environment in which open communication is key. When it comes to environmental matters, we take the approach that “we are all in this together”: communication is paramount for all teams to come together and create real change.  

We believe nothing is static and there is always room for improvement. The involvement of the PCC in actual initiatives such as tree planting campaigns, the cooperation and information sharing between TCC, and the Environmental Unit are living proof that the Environmental Unit is definitely doing something right! 

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